100 Days of Pillows (42-48)

After the Thanksgiving break I started up again with Christmas designs. It’s funny, working with holiday motifs isn’t something I can force myself to do (I’ve tried). But when the mood hits, it stays awhile.

Whimsical reindeer silhouettes using the same pink in the poinsettia pattern from Day 40.

Day 42 - Jumping Reindeer Silhouettes - blog

The tiny houses from Day 31, this time, decorated on a Christmas night.

Day 43 - Tiny Houses at Christmas - blog

I switched gears on Day 44 and went with butterflies. They were past illustrations that I set into a repeat and changed the color palette.

Day 44 - Butterflies - blog

Inspired by the butterflies, I illustrated my favorite insect to draw: the ladybug!

Day 45 - Ladybugs 2 -blog

On a roll with insects, I took inspiration from another past illustration, designed a pattern and used a bold color palette. I’m calling these “royal bees” in gold and purple.

Day 46 - Bees 2 - blog

By this day I was done with bugs and went back to a winter theme. Here I used a digital gouache brush to give a painterly effect to the snowy trees.

Day 47 - Winter Blues 3 - blog

Another fall or winter design in the same medium. I’ve wanted to paint pine cones for a long time but was never brave enough to try it. It wasn’t as bad as I expected, especially when using tricks in the digital world ? and when you give yourself permission to NOT capture every detail. I used a less-is-more approach that I think turned out well. The pine cones were drawn from an actual cone picked up in the back yard.

Day 48 - Pine Cones - blog

I wonder what art will be made next week? Time will tell!


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