A New Home for Art Prints

I’ve listed my art prints in various places on the web over the years, teetering between this website, and others that handle the printing for me. Lately, I’ve especially wanted to offload that part of my business so I can focus on 1) writing, and 2) making new art when I can. So, I combed through my artwork, pulled out a few of my favorites, and listed them on Society6.

Society6 is a site dedicated to supporting artists, allowing us to apply artwork to products like tote bags and phone cases. I’ve long admired the work of Cat Coquillette – her success there has been inspiring, and an encouragement to me in setting up my own space. My focus, at first, will be on products that display repeating patterns well.

I hope you enjoy this new platform for my artwork, that it’s easy to use and convenient as you buy art prints online. I have a good feeling about it, too. ♥