A Positive Change in 2016

Yesterday I shared with my newsletter readers that, at least for 2016, I’m holding off on exhibiting at fine arts shows. I gave this decision serious thought (and number crunching) and determined it just isn’t the best business model for me. Some artists thrive on doing shows weekend after weekend. I admire them because you can tell they clearly enjoy the market atmosphere. But for a person like me, who chooses only a few shows a year, it’s risky.

Selecting the right show location is critical. You are largely dependent on the show organizers for advertising. The weather is unpredictable as is the number of patrons that will attend. You have to be an A-game sales person for long hours during the day. You have to set up and break down your booth, which includes loading and unloading your inventory, displays, and a big, gigantic tent. You have to hope said tent doesn’t blow away in the wind. It’s a LOT of work. And for those who stay the course because it’s a perfect fit, there are big rewards. But over here, I’ve decided to refocus on my passion from the beginning: owning a creative, e-commerce business.

For awhile now I’ve been soaking up entrepreneurship books and studying what has and hasn’t worked for others. And since I’ve made the decision to focus entirely online, I can see much more clearly where I want to be and the steps needed to get there. Just before I launched my first Etsy shop I was fortunate to receive group coaching by Deb Ingino over at StrengthLeader.com, who leads others to discover their personal strengths and how to leverage them in life and work. I’ll always be grateful for her invaluable insight as I’m more confident than ever that working online, and leveraging technology, is one of my strengths.

I just need to let it fly.

Maybe you do, too.

Have you ever mustered the courage to change course for the better, even when it was scary? Even if it meant admitting failure? How did it turn out?

I hope you found it was one of the best decisions you could have made.

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  1. Auntee Rach says: January 20, 2016

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