I’m an artist and writer living near Atlanta, GA.

I didn’t realize I was an artist until my late-20’s, when I attended an after-hours painting class at the software company where I worked. That was the spark that led me down this creative path, where I traded computer programming for drawing supplies and jewelry tools.

There were creative clues in my childhood, like watching my dad piece together car motors, winning a school writing contest in 5th grade, drawing and copying cartoons, and the burning desire to learn how to sew when I got married. It took a while to find my calling but putting the pieces together has been satisfying.

In late 2022, I published my first book, titled The Miracle Farm – True Stories of La Casa de mi Padre. You can buy it on Amazon.

My artwork is heavily inspired by nature. I enjoy drawing florals and animals alike, but any life experience is fair game. I use professional drawing tools including the Adobe suite of products and most recently, Procreate on the iPad (how did I ever work without it?).

I’ve participated in juried art shows in the Atlanta area, including the Chastain Park Arts Festival (2013), Alpharetta Arts Streetfest (2014), and Norcross Art Splash (2015). My original charcoal artwork was displayed on NBC’s “Parenthood”. And thanks to the internet, my work has been shipped worldwide.

I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (Information Systems) degree from Georgia Southern University in 1998.

I’ve also learned from these great people and places:

  • The Art Institute – earned a Residential Planning degree in 2007, where I formally learned to design and draw.
  • Studied painting under Atlanta artists Jill Saur and Dawn Kinney Martin.
  • Learned metalsmithing at Spruill Center for the Arts.
  • Completed Make Art That Sells (MATS A) with Lilla Rogers.
  • YouTube and Skillshare – I’ve spent copious numbers of hours on both, learning from excellent teachers. Jessica Swift, Bonnie Christine, Tom Froese, and Dylan Mierzwinski are just a few who have made an impression on me.
  • Geninne Zlatkis – I first discovered her work in a book titled Drawing Lab for Mixed-Media Artists, published in 2010, and have been following her ever since. Her beautiful, prolific work inspires me like none other.

I’ve been married to Chad for more than 20 years, love browsing artisan boutiques, read like my life depends on it, stay physically active, and hope coffee, chocolate, and avocados are overflowing in heaven.

Thank you for being here. ♥


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