Hello from Atlanta, GA!
I’m Christina Steward – a freelance artist, illustrator, surface pattern designer – creating with a fire in my spirit. 🔥

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Orange – The reThink Group


I was a software developer for the first 12 years after college (hello left-brain!). But I left the corporate world in 2011 to pursue my dream of being an artist – and never looked back.
My first professional art pieces were charcoal drawings. Within the first year of posting my drawings online, NBC purchased “Pear Bunch” and used it on the set of their hit TV series ‘Parenthood’.
I was elated! It was confirmation I was headed down the right path.

Pear Bunch Parenthood


I saw something shiny.
While I had early success with my charcoal work, I longed to branch out of that realistic style and use color. I experimented with different mediums but nothing felt right – until I discovered metalsmith jewelry.
I fell in love with making wearable art with my two hands, using hammers and fire. I loved making lasting pieces that meant so much to the recipients.

Silver Diamond Shape Bracelet
This creative outlet grew momentum, too, as I met new people at art festivals and sent my jewelry to customers across the world.
Then the funniest thing happened: as business increased, the less creative I felt.
I was making the same pieces over and over again. So, I made the difficult decision of stepping away from my best-selling pieces to allow my creative spirit to come alive again.
But even while I made jewelry, my curiosity for drawing never left. I’d sketch occasionally and tinker with digital graphics, not realizing I was finding my voice in a world that was previously black and white.
The game changer happened when I invested in a digital drawing tablet. When I realized I could draw naturally and use digital color, it was the breakthrough I was waiting for.


Wildflowers Pattern
Since 2017 I’ve been drawing non-stop, building my portfolio, creating products and beginning to work with illustration clients.
I also finished the 100 Days of Pillows personal project, intended to increase my skill set and create a large body of work. You can read the Top 5 Lessons learned from the project and see the pillow designs, too.


Chad deserves to be at the top of this page. We’ve been married longer than we were ever apart and we still like each other. A lot. He’s been so supportive of my art, I wouldn’t be able to do this without him. FYI – this is our most recent selfie, which may have been only the second one we’ve ever taken. It was painful funny.

Chad & Christina


I have a deeply rooted belief that everything we have – our possessions, talents, time, lives – was given to us by a Heavenly Father who loves us. As such, we’re stewards (see what I did there?) of everything we’ve been given.
My heart’s desire is to see my business grow so that I can leverage it for those in need and, ultimately, for His glory.
Since 2014 I’ve been serving regularly with La Casa de mi Padre, a Christ-based children’s home in San Salvador, El Salvador. Their mission is to heal hearts, restore families, and bring hope of a better future. A percentage of all profits goes directly to support their work.



Success doesn’t happen alone and I thank each of you who has supported my work over the years. More than ever, I’m confident of the path ahead. I’m enjoying it more than ever, too! Thanks again for walking alongside me. ♥