An Unexpected Gift: Part 2

Mar 30, 2016


A few weeks ago I shared with you the charcoal drawing we were given, made by Mom Steward, that we didn’t even know existed. Since then, we’ve received more of her art possessions that are equally as special: an old box of charcoal sticks and a charming wooden box of Talens colored pastels. Again, we had no idea she experimented with art, let alone saved her supplies!

Char-kole box

Talens Pastels

When I first opened the box of charcoals, I was hit with two strong, opposing emotions: 1) I want to draw with them and 2) I want to preserve them just the way they are. I then realized she may have used these same charcoals to make the art we now having hanging in our home. What a treasure.

Char-kole box 2

The brand name on the box, “Alphacolor CHAR-KOLE” also corrects an assumption I made about the lake house drawing, again assuming she used these same sticks. They aren’t technically charcoal at all, but instead, black-pigmented pastels. There is a difference, though you can’t tell just by looking at the drawing. At least, I can’t.

The colored pastels are a bit more used. Dad says he found some pastel drawings of hers recently (!) and just needs to find them again. I can’t wait to see those.

Talens Pastels 2

24 glorious shades of color. I’m assuming these were new when she bought them, so they were likely manufactured in the 1950’s.

Talens Pastels 3

Feeling sentimental and incredibly inspired. ♥ ?



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