A Beautiful Change in El Salvador

Three weeks ago I boarded a flight in Atlanta with 15 other team members on a globalX short term mission trip to El Salvador. Today and back home, I’m a different person.

Our purpose in El Salvador was to serve alongside La Casa de mi Padre, a children’s home whose vision is to heal hearts, restore families and bring hope. We met the children under their care, saw firsthand the healthy home environments they provide, and experienced the love poured out onto these children and into their community. Though La Casa’s work is ongoing, from my perspective, their vision is reality.

Our team spent several days working at La Finca (the future home for La Casa) on a house that will be the transition home for their young adult men: boys who have aged out of the children’s home. We painted the interior and exterior walls and hung ceiling fans and lighting. We also sealed a fence containing a horse-riding area, used as a form of therapy for the children who need it. It was great to see how much work can be accomplished with many helping hands and willing hearts.

La Finca transition home - before

La Finca transition home – before

House Getting Base Coat

Applying the base coat

New textured, orange Colonial finish

New textured, orange Colonial finish

La Finca transition home - after

La Finca transition home – after

The children of La Casa were in school during the week days, but we were still able to have some quality time with them during our stay. Just like any other kids, they were full of energy and liked to have fun! We had an afternoon of crafts with the girls, making colorful, duct tape handbags and beaded ribbon barrettes, while the boys played fútbol/soccer. Even faces were painted.

Ribbon and tape choices for crafts with the girls

Colorful ribbons, barrettes and tape

Receiving a demonstration. I needed it, too!

Receiving a demonstration. I needed it, too!

A happy, painted face

Happily painted

We spent another afternoon at the park with the kids, playing kickball and basketball, braiding hair and painting nails. Afterward the boys retreated to play a game, while the girls held a dance party! There were a lot of smiles and laughs that day.

Dina gave me the most beautiful, artistic manicure.

Dina (and Aby – not shown) gave me the most beautiful, artistic manicure. I rarely paint my fingernails, so I felt pampered.

Probably one of the most profound experiences occurred while we delivered food to families surrounding La Finca. La Casa makes it a practice to meet their neighbors face to face, and provide their most basic needs such as rice and beans for cooking, to show them they are valued.

Bags of food carried out into the community

Bags of food prepared for us to carry out into the community

Literally in the jungle, we hiked up and down mountainous terrain to find the humblest of homes tucked away among the trees. Not expecting our visit, each person we met greeted us with both surprise and gratitude.

View while delivering food

View while delivering food

Most of us required a translator (thank you Carlos!) in order to communicate with our Spanish-speaking neighbors. We spent a little time at each house, talking with the families, praying with them and hearing their stories. One woman in particular captured my heart as she invited us into her home. As we were getting ready to say goodbye, I wanted to tell this woman that we loved her. I watched her outward demeanor soften as she heard those words in her language and her eyes filled with tears. In that moment, I knew that was why we traveled all those miles to El Salvador…

…to partner with La Casa in sharing God’s love.

Something happens inside of us when we catch a glimpse of God at work, when we see people through His lens instead of our own. Suddenly the little things that distract us fade away. The things and people that matter to God, matter to us. We find ourselves the recipients of unconditional love and therefore receive the capacity to give it. We are changed.

I am changed.

It feels like the beginning of something new…and it’s entirely beautiful.

The view from the back of the house. Their chapel is seen on the middle left.

The view from the back of the house. Their chapel is seen on the middle left. We spent a few minutes there hearing about the future plans for La Casa de mi Padre and sang Amazing Grace. No instruments, just our voices lifted up in worship to God. Beautiful.


Barak Strickland
November 1, 20141:59 pm

Thanks for sharing your experience…and how you have been changed.

Christina Steward
November 2, 20145:45 pm

I’m so glad I went. Thank *you*. 🙂

Mary Olin
November 1, 20144:25 pm

I love the orange color on LaFinta! And – what spectacular views! It’s wonderful that your group could go and help with this project – many hands make light work, so they say.

And, of course, the greatest thing is the love and caring you brought to give them, and to see how beautifully it was received.

Thanks! What a terrific report!!


Christina Steward
November 2, 20145:46 pm

The views were truly spectacular; it’s not every day that we see volcanoes in Atlanta. 😉

Jenny Schneider
November 2, 201412:28 am

So beautifully put. You did a great job of helping us to know what it was like. Can’t wait to hear what the next chapter holds! God is good and he will speak in a way that you will know… 🙂

Christina Steward
November 2, 20145:47 pm

“he will speak in a way that you will know” –> I love that. I believe you’re right. 🙂

November 3, 20143:26 am

Thank you so much for sharing, Christina. You’ve given a precious glimpse at what God is doing. And those pictures are beautiful. I am excited to hear what God has next for you.

Christina Steward
November 3, 20147:05 pm

Thanks so much Christel. 🙂

November 4, 20148:10 pm

This made me cry. I’m SO happy that you got to experience this incredible thing. It’s really inspired me to go back out there! I love your story and I’m looking forward to seeing what else God is going to do with it. <3

Christina Steward
November 5, 20149:10 am

Leah – thank you…God always works in ways we don’t expect. I hope you do “go back out there”. 🙂

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