Since my recent drawing spree, I had been itching to break out my polymer clay stash just so I could play with color. I also had to break out my books on polymer for a refresher, but it didn't take long to remember how to work with it. I ended up with these textured earrings in light green turquoise and dark brown hues, my ode to summer. When Chad saw them his initial reaction was "mint chocolate chip", and I had to agree. So here are "ode to summer, mint chocolate chip" polymer clay earrings with handmade sterling silver ear wires.

Polymer Clay Earrings Mint Chocolate Chip sm

Polymer Clay Earrings Mint Chocolate Chip 3 smPolymer Clay Earrings Mint Chocolate Chip 2 sm

These earrings are currently available for purchase in my online shop here.

Mint chocolate chip ice cream anyone?


In a previous post titled Act 2, I talked about growing pains my small business has been experiencing. One of them involves my pricing structure. It needs changing to allow for continued, sustainable growth.

When I look at all that's been accomplished over the past 4.5 years, and how my customers have supported me in providing artwork and jewelry, I am so thankful. My heart's desire is that I can continue in this creative profession for a long time. That means being able to reinvest in the business to purchase the tools needed to create more quality, handcrafted jewelry. It means being able to expand to more retail stores given the right opportunities, allowing customers to see my work before purchasing. It means being able to cover expenses like materials, tools, income taxes, web hosting fees, retailer commissions, and show fees without carrying debt. It means leveraging my business for give generously to those in need.

When will the change occur? The price changes go into effect this Wednesday, July 1st. I'm giving you advance notice so that if you've been eyeing a particular piece, you'd have the opportunity to purchase it at the lower price before Wednesday. Please contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

~ Christina

180 - Hammered silver heart dangle earrings 2

Sterling Silver Heart Earrings


Simplifying Drawing

May 1, 2015

In:Art, Drawing

Did you know that as a general rule, you have to know how to draw from life (i.e. keep it real!) in order to make simple, authentic drawings? It sounds counter-intuitive, but if an artwork looks simple to draw, it probably isn't quite so simple.

For four weeks, I've been drawing almost daily. It's noteworthy, because it's been several *years* since I've had a real fire burning for drawing. And now it's different. One of the reasons I quit drawing is because, creatively, I felt limited. I felt limited to drawing from compositions in photos and making them look realistic. If my only goal was to make a drawing look like a photo, what was the purpose of the drawing? Deep down I wanted to "draw outside the lines", but didn't know how. Working with metal was, and is, a welcome change from feeling stifled in that way. With jewelry I can create any shape and form imaginable, without trying to replicate something that already exists. So when the drawing bug hit again, and I realized I was only limited in my thinking, new doors opened wide. So much can be said through art! And there really is no limit if you know the basics. All that's required is inspiration and a lot of practice.

I went to the library and checked out a few drawing books to get started again...and simplify. These first 5 photos are sketching exercises I completed; some ended up with color, some didn't.


Pampas Grass


The sea lion is my favorite. :)

Sea Lion


It helps to see how others work through a drawing, but that can only take you so far. It's necessary to explore on your own to find your own artistic voice. Now that I've cleared away the cobwebs, I've begun to do just that. And let me tell you, it feels GREAT to not be confined by a photo! This little illustration is titled "Hope Thrives Even When It Rains", inspired by April showers, and the emotional rain that pours down on all of us every now and then.


I've been using pencils since I have them on-hand, but soon I'm going to play with watercolor paints again, and maybe even alcohol-based markers.

There is just something special about simplicity.

Act 2

Mar 20, 2015

In:Business, Jewelry

Lately my small business has been experiencing growing pains. On one hand it's a good thing, because there is growth. On the other hand pain is, well, painful. I'm still learning to navigate the territory that comes with being a business owner and jeweler. Hint: it's extremely rewarding and extremely difficult at the same time.

I have sensed a real shift in my thinking in recent months. It's time to step it up a notch. It's time to push the envelope with my work. It's time to let go of (some) things I don't have time to do myself, and frankly, someone else can do better. I'm ready for these positive changes so my business can continue to grow and serve others in the best way possible.

In a sense, the past few years have been the warm-up act. I have learned an incredible amount about both business ownership and artistry. It has been one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life.

Now it's time for Act 2.

Handmade Sterling Silver JewelryExisting designs reinvented in all sterling silver. One of the changes I'm implementing - more precious metals.

Update: my work is no longer being sold at the Otwell Manor, but I encourage you to stop by both Skin Solutions and Soulful Art Studios...great services, great people!


A new, local boutique has opened its doors and I'm happy to announce it's carrying a selection of Christina Steward art and jewelry.

This boutique is located in the heart of Cumming, GA, in the historic Otwell Manor, hence its name: the Otwell Manor Boutique & Art Gallery.

The old home is filled with charm; it is beautifully decorated with an eclectic mix of antique-style and modern furnishings, and sprawling hardwood floors. (I would show you every room, but you have to experience this place for yourself.)

Otwell Manor Boutique and Art Gallery

This is my little display in the boutique where you can find selections of sterling silver, copper and brass jewelry, and some of my acrylic paintings. If you like the popular blue verdigris copper earrings, there are four pairs currently available!

Christina Steward at Otwell Manor

My work is featured in the company of several other Georgia artists, including the expressive artwork of Jeanne Matey of Soulful Art Studios. Jeanne recently opened her studio located on the lower level of the Otwell Manor, where she teaches painting classes. Also at the gallery are beautiful paintings by Mary Negron, and Jay David of Black Dog Art Studios. If you enjoy pottery, Nancy Horton of Back Porch Pottery has a large selection of her whimsical, nature-inspired work available.

Last but not least, I want to thank the main tenants of the Otwell Manor: Skin Solutions, owned by licensed aesthetician Rebekah Key. Skin Solutions is dedicated to healthy skin care including the use of 100% natural products. They have graciously allowed this space to support the arts.

Friends, I am thrilled about this gallery in Cumming. There is no other place quite like it in the area, offering such a unique selection of quality artwork by local artists.

I invite you to visit the Otwell Manor Boutique & Art Gallery Monday - Friday from 10am - 5pm at 416 Dahlonega Street Cumming, GA 30040. Skin Solutions is also open Saturdays and evenings by appointment; please call them to inquire: 770-886-6979.

Otwell Manor Boutique Sign

A Simple Reminder

Feb 12, 2015


Time at the bench has been limited and precious in recent weeks. I've been traveling, visiting with family, and working on an exciting new business opportunity that I'll share with you soon.

This morning, though, I spent some time in the studio, completing a copper ring order that was due today. As I applied the final finish and packaged it just so, I noticed its masculine beauty. I envisioned receiving the package in the mail, carefully opening it, and seeing its contents for the first time, just as my customer will. How will he respond to receiving this creation made just for him?

Amid a season where creativity feels like it's on the back burner, it was a simple reminder that I love this work that I do. It motivates me to give my best to those who choose to support my work.

It's humbling. It's exhilarating.

I'm grateful.

Copper Rope Ring


Dec 29, 2014


When I catch the creative bug for something, I'm all in. I need to know, right then, how it's done and can't wait to try it myself. That happened to me over Christmas with...crochet.

A friend introduced me to crochet years ago and I made a scarf on my own, without a pattern and without someone there to help me correct my mistakes. It seemingly took me 10 years to finish it, and it turned out terriblyI wore it once or twice because of the work I put into it, but it soon disappeared into the back of my closet. Just in case, I held onto the unused yarn and crochet hook I used.

This time, I wanted to actually learn about various crochet stitches and make something I'd enjoy wearing. So I spent a day with a good book, practicing stitches with that old yarn. When I felt confident enough, I downloaded a pattern for a cute slouchy hat, and headed out to buy some new yarn.

It had to be purple.

Red Purple Yarn with Crochet Hook

The contrast between metal and yarn is extreme, something I noticed immediately as I held the cold, hard crochet hook in my hand and tried to get a feel for the soft, billowy yarn. I was all thumbs at first, but the more I stitched, the more familiar it became. And my handmade crochet hat turned out *way* better than that poor old scarf. It's going to get good use this winter.

Finished Slouchy Hat

At this point I thought I'd have the bug out of my system.

I was wrong.

As much as I like the hat, I kept thinking about its knobby texture, typical of crochet, and wondered what it was like to create a knitted fabric, full of soft, interlocking V's and swirling cable stitches. After all, I own knitted hats, sweaters and gloves that I love to wear when it's cold.

Then I downloaded a book that introduced the basics of knitting, the various types of yarn and the needles used. And I was off again to find the basic necessities, including a fun, neutral-colored yarn and bamboo knitting needles. (I really like the way bamboo feels against the yarn!)

Knitting Needles

Knitting is vastly different from crochet especially since two needles are required vs. a single hook, and there is in fact, no hook at all on knitting needles. It took many attempts and the help of YouTube to learn how to cast on, knit stitch, purl stitch, and cast off, but I'm getting the hang of it, slowly but surely.

This piece was just for practice, but those interlocking V's are oh-so-pretty. Soon I'm going to make my first finished piece, probably a cup cozy or another hat, something small that will only take me 5 years instead of 10. ;)

Knitting Stitches Practice

Once again I've found another medium where the creative possibilities are endless. Why this sudden obsession with yarn I'm not sure, but I'm going to go with it for as long as it lasts.

If you're looking for me at the end of the day and can't find me, just follow the trail of yarn.

November Update

Nov 24, 2014


I've spent a lot of time lately preparing for shows, handling the work that comes after, and getting ready for the Christmas season. All of this has meant not being able to "play" at the bench as much, but I'm finally learning to handle the ebb and flow with the maturity of an experienced business owner (it only took a few years!). I've also spent time digging into the details of my website and Etsy shop, taking a good look at the things that help grow my online audience, and making subtle changes as needed.

While Etsy is still the number one generator of traffic for my work, it's gratifying to see my new website working for me as well. For example, if you google "brushed silver ball stud earrings" (here's a link that does it for you), as of right now, you'll find my Etsy listing for my brushed silver studs right near the top, as well as the one on my .com further down the page. It also appears in the first space on Google Images! This is excellent for an online business: getting found in searches.

Well, it hasn't been *all* work and no play. Here are a few of my latest jewelry pieces from the past month. I especially remember looking at the finished bracelets and thinking "that's so cool!". I never tire of this.

Sterling silver studs in a concave cup shape with accent granule

Sterling silver studs in a cup shape with accent granule

Hammered brass hoops on sterling silver ear wires. These were a custom request at the Johns Creek show and I liked them so much I made a couple extra pairs. One of those found a new home at the Lanier Tech show. :)

Hammered brass hoops on sterling silver ear wires. These were a custom request at the Johns Creek show and I liked them so much I made a couple extra pairs. One of those found a new home at the Lanier Tech show. :)

A hammered copper and sterling silver twist bracelet. It was originally going to be a ring but morphed into a bracelet at the bench.

A hammered copper and sterling silver twist bracelet. It was originally going to be a ring but morphed into a bracelet at the bench.

Naturally the bracelet above led to this all-silver one. It's sturdy and full of texture. I love, love this one.

Naturally the bracelet above led to this all-silver one. It's sturdy and full of texture.

All four of these designs are available in the Etsy shop.

Happy Thanksgiving my friends! I am sincerely thankful for each and every one of you.

~ Christina

Three weeks ago I boarded a flight in Atlanta with 15 other team members on a globalX short term mission trip to El Salvador. Today and back home, I'm a different person.

Our purpose in El Salvador was to serve alongside La Casa de mi Padre, a children's home whose vision is to heal hearts, restore families and bring hope. We met the children under their care, saw firsthand the healthy home environments they provide, and experienced the love poured out onto these children and into their community. Though La Casa's work is ongoing, from my perspective, their vision is reality.

Our team spent several days working at La Finca (the future home for La Casa) on a house that will be the transition home for their young adult men: boys who have aged out of the children's home. We painted the interior and exterior walls and hung ceiling fans and lighting. We also sealed a fence containing a horse-riding area, used as a form of therapy for the children who need it. It was great to see how much work can be accomplished with many helping hands and willing hearts.

La Finca transition home - before

La Finca transition home - before

House Getting Base Coat

Applying the base coat

New textured, orange Colonial finish

New textured, orange Colonial finish

La Finca transition home - after

La Finca transition home - after

The children of La Casa were in school during the week days, but we were still able to have some quality time with them during our stay. Just like any other kids, they were full of energy and liked to have fun! We had an afternoon of crafts with the girls, making colorful, duct tape handbags and beaded ribbon barrettes, while the boys played fútbol/soccer. Even faces were painted.

Ribbon and tape choices for crafts with the girls

Colorful ribbons, barrettes and tape

Receiving a demonstration. I needed it, too!

Receiving a demonstration. I needed it, too!

A happy, painted face

Happily painted

We spent another afternoon at the park with the kids, playing kickball and basketball, braiding hair and painting nails. Afterward the boys retreated to play a game, while the girls held a dance party! There were a lot of smiles and laughs that day.

Dina gave me the most beautiful, artistic manicure.

Dina (and Aby - not shown) gave me the most beautiful, artistic manicure. I rarely paint my fingernails, so I felt pampered.

Probably one of the most profound experiences occurred while we delivered food to families surrounding La Finca. La Casa makes it a practice to meet their neighbors face to face, and provide their most basic needs such as rice and beans for cooking, to show them they are valued.

Bags of food carried out into the community

Bags of food prepared for us to carry out into the community

Literally in the jungle, we hiked up and down mountainous terrain to find the humblest of homes tucked away among the trees. Not expecting our visit, each person we met greeted us with both surprise and gratitude.

View while delivering food

View while delivering food

Most of us required a translator (thank you Carlos!) in order to communicate with our Spanish-speaking neighbors. We spent a little time at each house, talking with the families, praying with them and hearing their stories. One woman in particular captured my heart as she invited us into her home. As we were getting ready to say goodbye, I wanted to tell this woman that we loved her. I watched her outward demeanor soften as she heard those words in her language and her eyes filled with tears. In that moment, I knew that was why we traveled all those miles to El Salvador... partner with La Casa in sharing God's love.

Something happens inside of us when we catch a glimpse of God at work, when we see people through His lens instead of our own. Suddenly the little things that distract us fade away. The things and people that matter to God, matter to us. We find ourselves the recipients of unconditional love and therefore receive the capacity to give it. We are changed.

I am changed.

It feels like the beginning of something new...and it's entirely beautiful.

The view from the back of the house. Their chapel is seen on the middle left.

The view from the back of the house. Their chapel is seen on the middle left. We spent a few minutes there hearing about the future plans for La Casa de mi Padre and sang Amazing Grace. No instruments, just our voices lifted up in worship to God. Beautiful.

No Greater Love

Oct 6, 2014

In:Faith, Jewelry

I felt inspired to make a cross again. Maybe because Christmas is approaching. Maybe because Jesus has been at the front of my mind as I get ready to serve in El Salvador. Maybe because these days, I'm highly aware of the sacrifice He made on my behalf, even though I can't fully comprehend it.

On paper it begin as a simple, hammered cross. But that alone didn't convey the message wanting, needing, to spill out from my fingertips. Jesus gave His life so that we can be in a right relationship with God. No strings attached. No prerequisites requiring us to change who we are. No way to pay Him back. Just immeasurable love and the promise that He is with us.

Let that sink in, my friends. Once you do, you can face this life with peace, confidence and joy, regardless of your circumstances. You are free to love, because you are loved.

And so I finished the cross...with a heart.

Hammered Silver Cross Pendant w Heart 4
Hammered Silver Cross Pendant w Heart 2

"Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one's life for one's friends." John 15:13

~ Christina