Font-making has never been at the top of my to-do list. Actually, it's never made my list at all. I've had zero interest...until recently, that is. I just joined the group of talented designers over at Creative Market and well-made fonts are always in demand. I've even purchased some myself, recently. So when inspiration (shockingly) hit, I rolled with it. → Read More

The Countdown Begins

May 11, 2017


pattern design

I've set a goal for the number of remaining solid, I-absolutely-love-em pattern designs I want to have in my collection before I take action on them. You guessed it: as of today the magic number is 6.

I've also officially decided that my first printed product, available directly from me, will be a journal for sure. Keeping a gratitude journal has been so helpful to me, I feel like it would be a disservice NOT to offer one in the hope you could benefit from one as well.

If you already keep a journal or are interested in starting one, and would like to have input into the artwork chosen for my first printed journals, be sure to sign up for my email list by clicking here.

~Christina :)

Daily Creativity

May 5, 2017


This daily creativity habit of "just make one thing" is teaching me. I'm learning what colors I like (and don't like) and which art supplies I like (and don't like). It's showing me which design ideas work well and which ones don't. I'm learning discipline and how to focus. In some ways I feel like I'm finally "growing up". If that's true, it sure took awhile. ;)

Below is one of my most recent patterns and the color palette caught me off guard. I've noticed that I often use green in my designs and frequently pair it with pink. In fact, this design originally had pink in it. But when I couldn't find the right shade of pink, I experimented with colors and found the royal blue to almost pop off the screen at me. It's not the color I had in mind but the only color that seems right now.

I think this pattern really says "me" and is not one I could have created even three months ago. Daily practice has made a difference.

succulent pattern → Read More

Gratitude Journal

Apr 28, 2017

In:Art, Faith

For 15 years of my adult life I had the same journal. That tells you how often I wrote it in. When I read the old entries from my early 20's, and there aren't that many, it's obvious I was searching. Searching for purpose. Searching for answers to hard questions.

There was a 7-year gap between my last entry and the first one written somewhat recently in 2015. When I compare those two entries, the difference in myself is like night and day. I had faith in God back then, but it was still immature. Somewhere during those 7 years I moved from discontentment to being full of peace and confidence that God was truly with me. That first entry in 2015 was prompted by my time spent in El Salvador, which changed my life in a profound way. I haven't stopped writing since. → Read More

Sweet Rest

Apr 20, 2017

In:Art, Faith

Blog Post Header - Sweet Rest-01I've heard it said that as an entrepreneur, when your "why" meets your passion, magic happens. You find the fuel to implement your ideas, commit to your projects and push through the difficult parts. Your business flourishes. Yes, I believe when the two intersect it is a powerful thing. But I also believe it's not enough to rely on our own efforts. We become discouraged too easily, give up too easily and listen to the well-meaning opinions of others too easily. → Read More


Apr 13, 2017

In:Art, Faith, Life Lessons

I met a friend for a run at the trail today. I enjoy the time I spend with her as we get moving, soak up the sun and fresh air, catch up on personal life and talk art and business. She's a creative person as well so it's great to share thoughts with her and know that she truly understands.

As we talked about art business, a topic that came up was social media. You might remember that I basically declared war on social media last summer. I largely stepped away so that I could learn to control my use of social media instead of letting it control me. And if I'm being honest, to a certain extent, I still have trouble with it today. It's a slippery slope that will probably always be that way. But today I'm also much more aware of my social media use. It doesn't receive my attention first thing in the morning anymore and I'm no longer victim to the comparison trap. Whew! It feels good to say that.

But the biggest benefit to unplugging for awhile? → Continue Reading

Ink on Paper

Apr 6, 2017

In:Art, Drawing

This may seem like an obvious choice, but can you believe that as someone who likes to draw, I've never used a professional, artist-grade ink pen? I've used Sharpies, standard ball point pens, graphite pencils, colored pencils, charcoal, markers and pastel, but never just a simple artist ink pen. I realized the need when I wanted to scan hand drawings into Adobe Illustrator and pencil wasn't quite enough (the more saturated the marks on paper, the better).

So, I ordered a set of Faber-Castell PITT artist pens and tried them right away. I was nervous at first since I'm used to drawing with erasable mediums. But, starting with pencil first and then going over the lines with ink takes away some of the fear factor.

Here is a snapshot of my first illustrations using the pens. I've always had an interest in foliage that naturally forms patterns and wanted to incorporate some examples I've seen on various trips to local gardens. The ink on paper feels really good and I love the contrast of pure black on white.

patterned leaf sketches in ink → Continue Reading

Art Update

Mar 23, 2017

In:Art, Drawing

There have been quite a few positive changes recently in the way that I work and in the artwork I've been creating. I have a new sense of direction that has been slowly building from all of my past artistic experiences combined. So while I can't exactly see how and where things will end up, I've been enjoying the process and anticipate the path in front of me continuing to become clear. → Continue Reading

Faith, Hope and Love

Feb 13, 2017

In:Art, Jewelry

I want to share with those of you in Atlanta that the Crafted boutique at Lenox Square was a HUGE success over the holidays. So much so, they've extended their lease at the mall through at least June (though I predict indefinitely). That means you can still purchase my jewelry work at Lenox! A big thank you goes to everyone who shopped there in November and December. Your support means the world to me and to every local artist who lovingly creates with their hands.

I've recently made new Faith, Hope and Love etched silver necklaces with feminine rosettes. The ones shown here are available at Crafted. Also, a single Faith necklace is currently available online and ready to ship (click the photo for details). If you'd like to order the Love or Hope necklace instead, just send me a message and I'll be happy to do that for you. :)


And ah yes, it's Valentine's Day. ❤ If you need last-minute tags or labels, or even a card, I've illustrated and uploaded a heart design you can print right at home. Click the photo below for the tags or click here for the card.

Valentines Printable

I have many ideas in my head for both art and jewelry, and I'm always curious to see what comes of it. Spring is in the air and it's one of the most inspiring times of the year for me!

I hope this is a season of renewal for you, too.


Love Them Anyway

Dec 13, 2016



One of the defining characteristics of Jesus was that he loved all people, regardless of who they were or what they had done. Matthew, a tax collector in Jesus' day, was at the bottom of society's barrel and yet Jesus had dinner with him and other "tax collectors and sinners" at Matthew's house (Matthew 9:10). He also spoke to a Samaritan women at a well, not caring that it was taboo for Jews to associate with Samaritans, let alone a woman who had 5 previous husbands and was currently with a man who was not her husband (John 4:7-18). Jesus had compassion on lepers, who were shunned by society, and wasn't afraid to touch them (Matthew 8:3). And Jesus, in the company of the religious leaders or Pharisees, allowed a woman who "lived a sinful life" to shed tears on his feet, wipe them with her hair, kiss his feet and pour perfume on them (Luke 7:36-38).

That's a whole lot of humanity, isn't it? → Continue Reading