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Chad called me from the office today. He doesn't typically call during work hours so I knew it was important.

"Can you please do me a favor and pull some information off my passport?" Those were the words I heard after a brief greeting. → Continue Reading

Today's post is a "Wayback Wednesday" to charcoal orchid art I finished quite a few years ago, but haven't had available online in awhile.

It was inspired by a trip to the Atlanta Botanical Garden here in Georgia, where they host the Fuqua Orchid Center. The center is filled with exotic, beautiful orchids that are simply magical. It's an unexpected, tropical oasis. If you've never been there, I highly recommend it.

My mother-in-law was the one who taught me to appreciate orchids and I'll be forever grateful for that. In fact, while I'm terrible at keeping outside plants alive (can any of you relate?), I can take care of an orchid. My husband and I have one, that she gave to us at Thanksgiving four years ago, getting ready to bloom again and I could not be happier! I may post a few photos back here on the blog when that happens.

So as you can imagine, a trip to the Orchid Center is heaven for me. This particular one caught my eye because of the unique, speckled flowers (the spots were actually purple) and I loved the contrast against the rest of the white petals.

If you're looking for unique tropical wall art, this original drawing is currently available.

Click here to purchase.

orchid art

Recently I had the honor of making this artist palette necklace pendant for a fellow artist and friend. She's a super talented painter, so when she asked me to make a custom piece just for her, I was extremely flattered. She had a strong design idea for me to work with, knowing she wanted paints on a palette, a brush, and my signature mixed metals.

Artist Palette Necklace Pendant → Continue Reading

"What's so great about being a Christian, anyway?" The question hung in the air as I drove back to the office with a group of friends and colleagues after lunch. I was only 23 years old at the time, and we were having a conversation about the new church my husband and I were attending. It was unlike any other church we visited before: the music was excellent and current, the messages were relevant and it just felt like home. We had only been attending for a few months and already knew that profound life-change was occurring. → Continue Reading

For generations studio artists have adopted their own personal ways to be more efficient in their work, saving both time and money.  And when it comes to problem solving, artists naturally get creative.

When I saw this first tip shared by my friend, fine art painter and instructor Dawn Kinney Martin, I couldn't believe how simple yet genius the idea was. Do you find yourself quickly going through expensive paper towels to clean up messes? Make them go further with Dawn's solution here.

Tip #1 - Paper Towel Hacking (literally) → Continue Reading

This copper twist ring came back to me from a young lady who needed to have it re-sized for her fiancé. She sent it back in the original kraft jewelry box that I packaged it in, except this time, I received it hand-painted as a special surprise for him when he opened it again.

Isn't it beautiful?

Painted Box

I've haven't personally met her or him, but her thoughtfulness says so much about them.

A simple act of love touches not only the recipient, but those who witness it.

Yesterday I shared with my newsletter readers that, at least for 2016, I'm holding off on exhibiting at fine arts shows. I gave this decision serious thought (and number crunching) and determined it just isn't the best business model for me. Some artists thrive on doing shows weekend after weekend. I admire them because you can tell they clearly enjoy the market atmosphere. But for a person like me, who chooses only a few shows a year, it's risky. → Continue Reading

The longer you work for yourself, the more you learn about yourself.

Just when I think I've settled into my next great adventure, another follows right on its heels. I used to be hard on myself and believe it was necessary to focus on a single thing so I'd become an "expert". But I've realized being an expert is not only unnecessary, it can be limiting. Sometimes knowing a little about many topics brings more opportunities and keeps you intrigued, especially if you're like me and need to change things up from time to time (read: every 6-9 months).

I've finally, fully embraced this truth about me.

If you can't seem to settle on just one thing either, just know that it's okay.


Maybe a little-known fact about me: I like technology, but I don't like paying for it. That's ironic for someone with an IT background, isn't it? A prime example is my cell phone. A friend recently asked when seeing it: "Is that a flip phone?" → Continue Reading

I didn't know it was possible, but I've discovered that making graphics art actually rivals jewelry-making. I've reached a sweet balance that meets my passion for art and design and my love of metalsmithing.

When I opened my Etsy printable art shop in September I wasn't sure what to expect. I thought, at most, I'd add 1 or 2 new designs per week and hope that was enough for others to discover my work. Instead, I've averaged more than 1 per day since then. Clearly, I have a new obsession love.  I've already had a few sales since opening the shop (thank you!), so I'm confident there's a market for my digital artwork.

Here's a sample of the designs I've created since my last blog post:

Believe Sign - Chalkboard Printable Art

A "Believe" inspirational print on a chalkboard background with monarch butterflies.

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