How to Write a Journal

I get it. Opening a fresh, new notebook to start a journal can be scary. It’s like setting a blank canvas on the easel, ready for painting anything you can dream up. But what do you write? How do you get past that first page? Mindset for Writing a Journal Before beginning, here are a […]

The Spider – A Short Story

Today, I was sitting by the window, eating my lunch. Just a few steps outside the window, I noticed a spider with thick, long legs, weaving its web right in front of the door to our porch. My eyes widened. “That’s not good,” I thought.I stood up to grab a pen and piece of paper. […]

The Miracle Farm Book Release Month

I can’t believe this month has arrived – the month The Miracle Farm book will finally be released into the world. ♥ In a way, the past four years of working on it have stretched into eternity, but in other ways, they’ve ticked by quickly. There were times when I couldn’t see the end of […]

I Am a Writer

In December 2017 I had a calling to write a book, to share the stories of La Casa de mi Padre. They are a children’s home with a mission to “heal hearts, restore families and bring hope of a better future to children in crisis in El Salvador; creating agents of change for generations to […]