Cup Overflowing

Apr 5, 2018

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Cup Overflowing

This morning I met with my women’s small group, where we’re in the middle of studying the story of Gideon in the Bible. I can relate to Gideon so much. He had a faith in God, but still needed assurance when God called him to do something that was beyond his own strength. And instead of God being angry at his questioning, He accommodated Gideon’s requests. I’d like to say my faith is so strong that I immediately do what God says to do, or go where He says to go, but sometimes I hold back. Sometimes I let fear rule my heart instead of trusting God to do what only He can do. But God is changing me one day at a time. The more I trust Him, the more easily I can say no to fear (read: there’s no room for fear in a heart who knows God!).

After group was over my heart was full, my cup overflowing if you will. Our conversation had been rich with Gideon’s story and our own life experiences, real questions and honest answers. I believe it’s important to surround yourself with people who are moving in the same direction in life as you so they can help fill your cup. Then you’re free to pour yourself into others who need it. And, when things happen beyond your control and you’re spilled out in grief or disappointment or illness, you’ll still have a little something in your cup.

Artistically, I prefer using pencil on paper to lay down my sketch before adding digital color. But then once on the computer, I often refine my lines and lose the imperfect, sketchy appearance I love so much. With this drawing, I resisted the urge to clean it up to perfection and left plenty of sketchiness (I think that’s a word!). If you look close enough, you can see the loose lines and I think it adds so much character. I also experimented with a few new brushes that added fun texture. The cup shown, by the way, is my favorite painted mug (not painted by me) that I’ve had for years. Drawing it made me realize I’ve favored gold in art for quite some time without even knowing it!

I hope you’re filled to the brim today.


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