Custom Artist Palette Necklace Pendant

Recently I had the honor of making this artist palette necklace pendant for a fellow artist and friend. She’s a super talented painter, so when she asked me to make a custom piece just for her, I was extremely flattered. She had a strong design idea for me to work with, knowing she wanted paints on a palette, a brush, and my signature mixed metals.

Artist Palette Necklace Pendant

I incorporated free-form dabs of “paint” using both shiny and darkened copper, shiny and darkened brass, and sterling silver.

Artist Palette Necklace Pendant 2

The idea to use copper for the brush tip was hers. I think it was the perfect choice.

Artist Palette Necklace Pendant 3

We had a great time collaborating and I absolutely love the finished piece. Huge thanks to my talented friend!



January 27, 201612:06 pm

Even though it was her idea and specific direction, it still looks perfectly like a Christine Steward piece.

Christina Steward
January 27, 20164:32 pm

Thank you!

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