Daily Creativity

May 5, 2017


This daily creativity habit of “just make one thing” is teaching me. I’m learning what colors I like (and don’t like) and which art supplies I like (and don’t like). It’s showing me which design ideas work well and which ones don’t. I’m learning discipline and how to focus. In some ways I feel like I’m finally “growing up”. If that’s true, it sure took awhile. 😉

Below is one of my most recent patterns and the color palette caught me off guard. I’ve noticed that I often use green in my designs and frequently pair it with pink. In fact, this design originally had pink in it. But when I couldn’t find the right shade of pink, I experimented with colors and found the royal blue to almost pop off the screen at me. It’s not the color I had in mind but the only color that seems right now.

I think this pattern really says “me” and is not one I could have created even three months ago. Daily practice has made a difference.

succulent pattern

Tried it out on a journal, too.

succulents journal

For different reasons, this pineapple pattern just makes me feel good. Maybe it’s the tropical theme and color palette that reminds me of Florida. It’s sweet (literally) and cheery.

pineapple pattern

I realized after emailing with a friend yesterday that my collection of patterns is growing and it won’t be too much longer before I curate the best ones and officially decide what to do with them. This is an exciting thought as, whatever it is, it will be something I haven’t done before. I’m ready for the positive change!

Off to make my “one thing” for the day,


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