Jewelry FAQs


1) Does copper tarnish?

Yes, copper will tarnish (i.e. develop a patina) over time, much like a worn penny. The more copper is exposed to the elements, especially water, the faster this process occurs. Some people prefer the natural patina of copper, while others like it shiny. If the jewelry you purchased originally had an applied patina but has since darkened and you’d like to brighten it some, I recommend using steel wool or a clean, dry Scotch-Brite scouring pad (you can usually find these in the cleaning aisle at the grocery store). Gently rub the copper to restore highlights. If the copper jewelry you purchased was shiny, on the other hand, a simple polishing cloth can be used to easily restore the rosy color and shine.

2) Does sterling silver tarnish?

Yes, sterling silver naturally tarnishes (i.e. develops a patina) over time. See question 1) above for how to care for silver that has acquired a patina (or had one to begin with). I use the same techniques on silver as for copper.

3) How do I know which ring size to choose?

To ensure a proper fit, it’s best to have a local jeweler measure your finger for the type of ring being purchased. This is often a free service. If the ring will be a gift, you can take an existing ring, that fits the recipient, to the local jeweler. They will be able to measure the correct size using the ring. Sometimes customers even send me an existing ring so I can measure it in my own studio.

4) Can my ring be re-sized?

It depends. Most rings, without a gemstone, can be sized down. Some rings can be enlarged, depending on the style of ring and how many sizes up the ring requires. This only applies to rings that were originally made by me, and a re-sizing fee is charged. If you need a ring re-sized, please contact me for more specific information. At this time I do not re-size rings that have a gemstone setting.

5) Will copper jewelry turn my skin green?

Copper may turn your skin green. It is a non-harmful reaction that happens to some, but not all, wearers. If this happens to you and is bothersome, a temporary solution is to apply a wax polish/sealant to help slow the reaction. I occasionally use a sealant called Renaissance Wax that can be purchased on Amazon. The sealant will need to be reapplied as it wears off due to use.

6) Can my jewelry piece be engraved?

At this time I do not provide engraving services. However, you may be able to have this done by your local jeweler. Please contact me before purchase if you have any questions.