When You Give Others Permission

Feb 10, 2016

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Chad called me from the office today. He doesn’t typically call during work hours so I knew it was important.

“Can you please do me a favor and pull some information off my passport?” Those were the words I heard after a brief greeting.

My first thought was “…but I’m right in the middle of something and not anywhere near your passport.” Of course, it didn’t take long for me to get over myself and do what he politely asked, simply because I love him.

I dropped what I was doing and began the long walk involving stairs (yeah, those) to retrieve his passport. I gave him the information he requested and then we hung up.

Chad was grateful for the help and able to move forward with information in hand.

But honestly, sometimes I don’t want to be interrupted, especially when I’m doing something creative. And sometimes I don’t respond as gracefully.

You know what happens, though, when you give others permission to interrupt you?

They feel valued.

When you sacrifice your limited time on behalf of others, they are confident you care about their well-being and you accept them.

And isn’t that what everyone wants, to feel valued and accepted? I believe it is.

Our phone exchange was just a single, small demonstration of that concept. But when you get in the habit of giving others permission, it changes both you and them.

When you practice giving others permission to interrupt you,

or be honest with you,

or be imperfect in front of you,

you become a safe zone for them. They are free to let their guard down. Your relationship thrives.

And then…

they begin to do the same for others.

It ripples far beyond what you can see.

And everyone is better off.

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