I Am a Writer

In December 2017 I had a calling to write a book, to share the stories of La Casa de mi Padre. They are a children’s home with a mission to “heal hearts, restore families and bring hope of a better future to children in crisis in El Salvador; creating agents of change for generations to come, all for the glory of God.” They’re dear to my heart and I visit as often as I can.

When I started this project, I had no clue what I was doing. I’d never written a book. But with the help of friends, a lot of prayer, and coffee, I just kept taking the next step. Fast-forward to today, and the manuscript is in the hands of a professional editor. The great news is, the book will be published this year!

In recent months the book has been my main focus. It was difficult trying to make new art and finish the book at the same time. Both vied for my attention, and I often felt guilty when giving in to one over the other. That changed last year when I sensed a shift in my heart. That it was time to let my art go, even if just for a season. That decision was bittersweet. And freeing.

In hindsight, my writing has been more consistent than my art-making over the years. From blogging, journaling, writing social media posts, product descriptions, and copy for my website, I’ve been laying the groundwork for book writing without even realizing it.

So today, I’m owning it:

I am a writer.

Just a few years ago I believed this would be a one-time thing. That when I finished the book I’d be done writing forever. That thought makes me laugh now. Just like I had no clue how to write a book, I often have no clue the direction my life will take. 

Because there’s something else I own, too:

I am a dreamer.