Stretch Illustration Watercolor and Ink

Caterpillar Love Watercolor

An editorial illustration for a Skillshare project. The article’s title was “Flower Power Blooms in the Lab” and discussed the introduction of electronic circuits into living plants.

An illustration of the idiom “buy a lemon”. It features a small town called Sourville, where things often go…sour. You can even get lemonade on your way to buy a car in Sourville. But, it’s only a consolation when you drive away in a lemon.

Treasures of Home illustrated map. Click here to see my design process.

A friend lost a loved one and cardinals have special meaning to the family, so I made this drawing with her in mind. I used only two colors and prepped it for letterpress printing.

An editorial illustration for a Skillshare project. The article talked about the myth that tryptophan in turkey makes you sleepy.

The laundry high dive.


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