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Maybe a little-known fact about me: I like technology, but I don’t like paying for it. That’s ironic for someone with an IT background, isn’t it? A prime example is my cell phone. A friend recently asked when seeing it: “Is that a flip phone?” I laughed, even though it’s not true (it’s actually a smart phone that’s one step up from a flip phone). So what is my hang up on buying new gadgets? It’s buying an expensive piece of plastic that’s not going to last. It will quickly become buggy or break, and if I can’t live with the defects, I’ll need to buy a new gadget all over again. Never mind the temptation to buy another one just because a new version is released. For me personally, it’s not a wise spending cycle. But I know that at some point, upgrading technology becomes necessary, especially when said technology is critical to your workflow.

In case you were wondering, my computer falls into the same bucket: I have been working on the same one for at least 9 years. (I’m a little shocked myself.) It’s truly a dinosaur, with not enough memory to handle the tasks I throw at it. And since I’ve been working with graphics and photo editing more and more, it’s beginning to hinder more than it’s helping. So, given the Christmas holiday sales, and after a lot of research, I finally bit the bullet and upgraded my computer. Honestly, I was so used to slow processing speeds I didn’t know what I was missing. I already feel more productive simply because I’m not sitting and waiting for my computer to think when I tell it to do something. It’s pretty fast. But with this upgrade also comes the need to transfer data, reinstall software and in some cases replace software altogether because what I was using is no longer supported on the new platform. It’s been time consuming. But thankfully, I’m almost complete with the transition. That’s a good thing, because December has been a little crazy (good).

This December is already one for the record books: it’s the best month my business has had, not just for the year, but since I’ve been in business! Charcoal drawings, graphics art and jewelry have all gone out the door, thanks to you. I have never felt so inspired through my work and by my customers. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: owning your own business requires passion, determination, a lot of hard work and prayer (among others). But it’s oh-so-worth-it when you see it grow! I have goals in mind for 2016 to grow this business further; I almost can’t wait to get started. But, I need to allow myself time to get organized for next year and recharge.

As I find time, I’m listing jewelry pieces online from my little stash of on-hand inventory, including these verdigris copper earrings.

Verdigris Copper Circle Earrings

Verdigris Copper Circle Earrings - sm

Have a GREAT weekend,
~ Christina

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