The Miracle Farm Book Release Month

I can’t believe this month has arrived – the month The Miracle Farm book will finally be released into the world. ♥ In a way, the past four years of working on it have stretched into eternity, but in other ways, they’ve ticked by quickly. There were times when I couldn’t see the end of the project happening, but I never stopped trusting that it would when the time was right. There have been many people involved in the process and I’m so, so grateful for their caring hearts and help.

At this stage I’m tying up loose ends, such as reviewing the ebook on my Kindle Paperwhite and prepping websites for the release. It’s exciting to see it in digital format, held in my hand like so many other books I’ve read before. The Spanish translation is complete and currently being proofread, so when it comes back to me, there will be similar work required for it, too.

I’m working on my art business when I can, so it’s ready for me to dive into once the book is released! I also have a freelance client who has been patiently waiting for me to start her project, and it’s one I’m super excited to work on. While laying art creativity aside (mostly) for the past couple of years was needed, I can’t tell you how happy I am at the thought of working on it again full-time. It’s a reason to celebrate, for sure!

We’re just 2.5 weeks away from publishing the book. The Miracle Farm – True Stories of Hope and Healing at La Casa de mi Padre will be available on Amazon, September 20th, 2022.