These Days

With every fall comes a shift in my soul. Nature sheds what’s no longer needed, making way for deep rest, in preparation for new life that will burst at the seams come spring. I catch myself in a similar season – reflecting, needing and wanting to let go of what hinders me, wondering where God will lead me next in this beautiful, broken life. 

Maybe it’s because I’ve just finished the book, and the high-school girls I walked beside for four years are now in college, but that soul-shift seems more palpable lately. Like change is here, and something beautiful is waiting at the horizon. It’s blurry from where I stand, but it’s there. And just as the leaves are brilliant with color in their final days, so has been this most recent chapter in my life that’s coming to a close.

Now, it’s time to let go. Rest. Recharge for the new season ahead, whatever it may bring. ♥